Hundreds of volunteers from The Global Ecovillage Network Europe (GEN-Europe) are proactively helping their Ukrainian colleagues’ toa GEN Ukraine to provide refuge for thousands of citizens fleeing from the cities to the countryside.

Food, supplies, and accommodation are provided and shipped from donations to GEN Europe and facilitated by GEN Ukraine straight to those that need it most

Safe Havens

As vast numbers of ordinary citizens flee the bombed-out cities of Ukraine, the ’Green Road Ukraine’ initiative by GEN-Ukraine has quickly enabled thousands of displaced people to resettle in the safe havens of more than 40 Ukrainian ecovillages and other ecovillages throughout Europe.

Large Aid Agencies Stuck at Border

While many major international aid agencies are still stuck at the border and are hindered in bringing aid to where it is needed due to top-heavy management and logistical issues, the advantages of a smaller, more agile network like GEN-Europe, which has been helping since the very first day of the war, is apparent to all.

About the Global Ecovillage Network

On every continent, there are thousands of ecovillages in the Global Ecovillage Network, which have, for thirty years, been quietly paving the way for a more regenerative future with a focus on necessary life-style change. The ecovillage movement, which began in Denmark in the 1990s, is now showing its revolutionary potential as a foundation for rebuilding after a crisis.


For further information on the ”Green Road Ukraine” initiative, see:

Zalevskyi Maksym President
GEN Ukraine

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Camilla Nielsen-Englyst Project coordinator i Danish Ecovillage Network (LØS)
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